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HPH Hospice Women of Giving

Through their annual gifts, HPH Hospice Women of Giving members demonstrate their commitment to the mission fulfillment of Chapters Health Foundation and its support of Chapters Health System and its HPH Hospice affiliate.

HPH Hospice Women of Giving

Why become a member of HPH Hospice Women of Giving?

The newly launched HPH Hospice Women of Giving is a group of women who participate in building and strengthening hospice-related programs through joint contributions for HPH Hospice. The group also provides women with opportunities for education in an effort to foster and develop women’s capacities for philanthropic leadership.

The annual contributions of the HPH Hospice Women of Giving members are pooled and used to support unfunded programs and services of HPH Hospice, as voted on by the membership. Since inception in 2022, the group has provided more than $62,000 in funding to support Camp REACH OUT, the Chapters Health Valor Program in HPH Hospice and the new HPH Hospice Circle of Hope grief center.

Members review requests from Chapters Health team members during the group’s annual meeting held at the end of each year. As a member of the group, your voice counts when members collectively vote on which patient care-related projects they would like to fund. Also important are several annual education programs, as well as several social and membership events. Attendance is never required but always encouraged.


Hospice Women of Giving Membership Levels and Benefits

Any woman in the Citrus, Hernando and Pasco areas is welcome and encouraged to become a member of the HPH Hospice Women of Giving. The annual contributions from all members of the HPH Hospice Women of Giving group are pooled together and used to support programs and services of HPH Hospice that otherwise would not be possible. Members vote on which projects they wish to be funded at the Annual Meeting after reviewing proposals submitted by HPH Hospice team members. Members are required to make an annual contribution based on member level selection below, to HPH Hospice by December 31 of each year. Gifts may be paid by cash, check or credit card.

In addition to the annual meeting, which is held at year-end, there are several other membership events throughout the year, including:

Seeds of Hope

Birthday and New Member Celebrations

Hope Tours

Camp Reach Out Send-off


The most important benefit of membership in HPH Hospice Women of Giving is the satisfaction of knowing you are part of a collaborative and informed group choosing to make a difference in our community.

Become a member or renew your membership here.

If you have questions, would like more information, or would like to join the Hospice Women of Giving, please email Foundation4HPHGroup@chaptershealth.org or call 1-727-819-5985.


Dandelion Members ($1,000 annually)

Active Member ($500 annually)

Junior Member ($250 annually) — available to women ages 25 and under

HPH Hospice Women of Giving Members

  • Andrea Arflack*
  • Sanda Bassett
  • Christine Blum*
  • Tracy Campbell*
  • Gracianna Campbell*
  • Erin Carter-Harvey
  • Marcia (Joy) Cochran
  • Carey Culp
  • Marie Dahmer*
  • Sabrina Davis
  • Tammy Erker
  • Dedria Frazee
  • Tina Gordon
  • Shannon Gunn
  • Susan Hausler
  • Tamara Hightower*
  • Sandee Hope
  • Amy Howard
  • Susan Javidi*
  • Tracy LeBlanc
  • Tammy Lyall
  • Elizabeth McBee
  • Susan McDonald
  • Lynda Neuhasen
  • Elaine Perry
  • Leslie Powell
  • Margaret Purdy-Lingor*
  • Kimberly Pye
  • Cindy Reagan*
  • Kelly Reeve*
  • Jean Rhiddlehoover
  • Linda Shiflet*
  • Sue Simone*
  • Mary Springer
  • Lisa Swiger
  • Linda Lee Tacy*
  • Leslie Tomlinson*
  • Francine Vance
  • Rhiannon Venturella
  • Ute Villain
  • Gail Whiting

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