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About Chapters Health System

A desire for quality, instead of profit

In 1983, a group of hospice volunteers shared a unique idea. They wondered if by raising care quality, they might inversely reduce total costs. The best care for less.

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The best care requires more care

Before long we realized that to have the best care, we had to move beyond traditional care. So today, we include a whole range of services you might not even expect, like coordinating patient care, even drives to appointments.

Before long, our care grew in lots of ways

From Florida’s northern edge to its southern Keys, from Atlantic sunrise to Gulf sunsets, our care for America’s most demanding healthcare community grew in every possible direction.

Care needs keep changing, and we’re always there

Old or young, needs change — where, how often, and the kind of help required. At home, online, outpatient or in-patient, medical or emotional, minimal or around-the-clock.

Our mission

Chapters Health System provides support and care for people in our community with or affected by advanced illnesses by offering a wide variety of compassionate healthcare choices.

Our vision

Chapters Health System is to be the provider of choice for home-based, community-driven care.


About Chapters Health System

Welcome to the future of healthcare. We invite you to get to know Chapters Health System.

—Frank Irby, Hospice of Okeechobee Board of Directors President

"We were thrilled to be able to finalize our affiliation with Chapters Health sooner than expected. Our common, not-for-profit missions guarantee that more patients coping with serious illnesses have opportunities to access compassionate care at a challenging time in their lives."

—Frank Irby, Hospice of Okeechobee Board of Directors President
—Kristi Parker, Team Secretary, HPH Hospice, Dade City, Florida

"After being at Chapters Health System for 20 years, I have seen a lot, but I feel appreciated in doing the job I do. Being able to talk to patients, families and the community, I feel and hope that I have helped make someone’s day better."

—Kristi Parker, Team Secretary, HPH Hospice, Dade City, Florida

"Nobody told me it was going to be easy. People ask me how I do it, and I answer that I do it because I love people!"

—Patricia "Pat" Johnson, Hospice Aide, Lakeland, Florida
Pictured: Lakeland, FL Pictured: Lakeland, FL

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