Do You Know the Warning Signs for Early Memory Loss?

memory loss

As statistics show, it is more important than ever to be alert and knowledgeable about the early warning signs and symptoms of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. If you were asked what to be on the lookout for, would you know? In case the answer is no, don’t worry. The following signs are what you need to know about early memory loss:

Forgetting dates, times and places. If someone is starting to show the early signs of dementia or Alzheimer’s, he or she can lose track of dates and time passing by. Individuals with memory loss issue can also forget where they are and even how they arrived there.

Loss of memory that hampers daily life. Typically as we age, we tend to forget names or the fact that we scheduled a dentist appointment. However, when you start to forget recent information, which then needs to be repeated over and over again, this can be an early warning sign.

Losing items with the inability to retrace your steps. Have you ever misplaced your wallet? But then you were able to think back, walk step-by-step, and find it in the center console of your car. This scenario can occur as we get older. Yet, if you lost your favorite purse and are unable to retrace your steps to find it, this can be an early sign of dementia or memory loss.

Trouble solving problems or issues planning. For some, following a recipe that used to be a breeze becomes an impossible task. Concentrating on familiar tasks can prove difficult, which results in them taking much longer to complete than in the past. Additionally, working with numbers can become quite the challenge.

New trouble finding words when speaking or writing. If you know someone who has problems either joining or following a conversation, it isn’t something that should be dismissed. As we get older, it is normal to have trouble finding the right words; but with someone with memory loss or Alzheimer’s, they might use the wrong word entirely, for example, calling a dog a turtle.

If these signs sound familiar for you or a loved one, please talk with your healthcare provider and get checked out.

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