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Remembering Vic Leavengood

vic leavengoodChapters Health System and LifePath Hospice have had few friends and supporters as generous as Victor “Vic” Leavengood. Starting in 1989 with his first memorial gift, Vic went on to contribute his time and talents—serving on the LifePath Hospice Board of Directors, filling multiple positions and serving on numerous board committees.

Vic Leavengood’s Legacy

Vic Leavengood helped Chapters Health grow from a hospice to a post-acute healthcare system, led the successful effort to obtain bond financing for the Temple Terrace (Melech Hospice House) and Sun City Center hospice houses, and helped raise $1.2 million for the Sun City Center capital campaign.

So when he was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, Vic Leavengood and his family knew exactly what to do: turn to LifePath Hospice, beginning with palliative care and then adding hospice services as his disease progressed. Vic understood exactly what palliative care and hospice could do for him. The services provided compassionate care, but what the family appreciated the most were the forthright answers to difficult questions. Additionally, care also once entailed a middle-of-the-night medication delivery—a service that Chapters Health provides to patients around the clock in emergency situations.

Two other features of Vic’s care that the family appreciated were the staff’s ability to gauge the progress of his disease and the efficient follow-up after his death. With Lee, his wife of 64 years, and his family around him, Vic died peacefully at home under hospice care in April 2015.

Vic leavengoodStrange Journey Without a Map

In order to help her cope with Vic’s disease, Lee wrote poetry. In 2016, she published the collection of poems in Strange Journey Without a Map as a lasting tribute to her husband. Lee also donated copies of Strange Journey Without a Map to the Circle of Love Center for use by patients and families. The following are two of Lee’s favorite poems.

The Day Begins

There are good days and bad days

One the good days it is almost like having him back

and he knows that I am here

On bad days his mind plays hooky

And tears that he never sees sometime fall in my oatmeal



Some nights are filled with the darkness of sorrow

That must be lifted before the dawn of the morrow

For the strength of the spirit to meet the strength of the day

And welcome again the sunrise


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