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Gibbons Pathway Society Members:
HPH Hospice

The following are the Gibbons Pathway Society members who have remembered HPH Hospice in their estate plans, through a bequest, life insurance, trust or charitable gift annuity.

  • Mr. William Aponte & Ms. Nancy Angello
  • The Estate of Edythe B. Cook
  • The Estate of Robert A. Cooper
  • Hospice Foundation, Wayne & Pam Coulter Legacy Fund at the Community Foundation of Tampa Bay
  • The Estate of Robert G. Cox
  • The Estate of Nadine R. Dehnicke
  • The Estate of Richard J. Diachuk, Sr.
  • Mr. Frank C. Dorner
  • Evans Family Trust
  • Mr. Alan D. Hair
  • The Josephine G. Heimer Revocable Living Trust
  • Ms. Lisa Hubbard
  • The Estate of Helen Hunt
  • The Estate of Margaret M. Kerper
  • The Estate of Ruth F. Kiefer
  • The Estate of Edward C. Kinzer, Jr.
  • The Mary Grace Kujawski Living Trust
  • The Estate of Muriel Kuntz
  • The Estate of Leora M. Laubaugh
  • The Estate of Roberta Lorenz
  • The Estate of Catherine D. Masullo
  • The Estate of William F. Mathews
  • The Estate of Irene S. Murphy
  • Mr. Thomas Napier
  • Mr. and Mrs. Raymond E. Passage
  • The Estate of Natalie Pelo
  • Ms. Carol D. Prescott
  • The George M. and Maryann M. Reynolds Revocable Trust
  • The Mary C. Rucki Revocable Living Trust
  • Mrs. Alexia J. Sherman
  • Mr. and Mrs. Raymond C. Stoner
  • Mr. John Strang
  • Vincent & Sylvia Titone Foundation
  • The Estate of Patricia A. Traina
  • Mrs. Ute G. Villain
  • Mr. Gordon C. Voelbel
  • The Estate of Lois G. Walrath
  • The Angeline T. Wentz Trust
  • The Estate of Monita R. Wollerton

Taking care of patients, or taking care of those who do.