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An Integrated Approach to Chronic Care

Why did we create CareNu? To leverage care expertise developed in hospice and palliative care to help those living with chronic illness.

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The CareNu division of Chapters Health System was created to address the need for innovation in chronic illness management and  care coordination.

The industry continues to operate in a fragmented and siloed manner, with new players focusing on specific portions of patient care. What was missing was a provider that focused on the whole picture for the patient.

CareNu brings it all together.

Our approach combines telehealth, data-driven benchmarking, and other innovations in care management with the integrated, patient-first care approach that we first established for palliative and hospice care.

Caring for patients with chronic illness requires many of the same proficiencies as hospice and palliative care. It’s time for those lessons to be applied to helping more patients, and  earlier in their care journey.

In the next video of our series, we explain how the current care landscape informed our decision to introduce a new model of chronic illness care.

An Integrated Approach to Chronic Care Video

If you missed the other blog posts and videos in our series, you can watch the first video here and the second video here.

Posted on March 26, 2021 By Staff

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