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CareNu: Bringing a Quality-based Approach to Chronic Illness Care

Introducing CareNu, the population health division of Chapters Health System.


Introducing CareNu, a new approach to population health management.

We created CareNu based on decades of learnings in hospice, palliative and home health care. In looking at the changing landscape of healthcare, it was clear that an emphasis on quality and holistic individual care was needed—an approach we’ve always provided to our patients.

CareNu represents the application of this approach to chronic illness management and chronic illness care coordination. This new division of Chapters Health System specializes in holistic care across the disease continuum – CareNu provides Chapters Health-quality care further upstream than ever before.

Learn more about CareNu in part two of our video series on the future of healthcare:

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Posted on March 15, 2021 By Staff

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