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Annual Report 2019

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Andrew Molosky, CEO

William F. Becker, Board Chair

Making a Difference Every Day

Chapters Health Home Care

In the beginning of 2019, Achieve Home Care joined the Chapters Health family and helped expand the reach of our home health services. Achieve Home Care received a perfect 5-star rating from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services in July 2019 for the quality of care provided by its dedicated team members.

My husband and I have never had any home health services in the past and really did not know what to expect. The first nurse we met graciously walked us through everything. She was so efficient, kind, and easygoing. – P

Improving Quality of Life

Chapters Health Palliative Care

Chapters Health Palliative Care focuses on a comprehensive plan of care so patients who are experiencing chronic pain and serious illnesses can experience a better quality of life. In 2019, Chapters Health opened two new adult palliative care clinics, with more planned for 2020. See how Chapters Health Palliative Care helped change Cody Galler’s life for the better.

I just wanted to write a few words to say how grateful I and my entire family are for the wonderful way that my husband was cared for during his stay at your facility. It was an enormous comfort to all of us to know that he was being looked after in such pleasant surroundings and by dedicated and caring people. – U

The Honor Walk

Good Shepherd Hospice

Honoring the military service of veterans at the end of life is an important tradition at Chapters Health. Good Shepherd Hospice’s Honor Walk recognizes not only veterans but also first responders for their service to our country and community.

My husband was admitted to Good Shepard Hospice this year. It was a difficult decision but it was the right one as this was his wish. My family can’t thank his caregivers enough for the excellent care they provided. His nurses and staff were there for him every day to help care for him and see to his needs.  -M

Citrus Hospice House Re-Opens

HPH Hospice

Sometimes hospice patients require more care than can be provided in their homes, and that’s why Chapters Health offers hospice houses as an alternative to hospital stays. Here, patients receive acute medical services but in a comfortable, homelike environment. In 2019, HPH Hospice was excited to reopen the Citrus County hospice house in Lecanto.

The Rose Team members have been amazing. One of them plays Elvis music that lights my Mom up. Another has set up weekly phone calls and today FaceTime. Priceless beyond words. -W

Therapy Dog

LifePath Hospice

Chapters Health volunteers fill so many roles throughout our organization, and our four-legged friends are no exception. Through guided pet therapy, volunteers and their specially trained companions bring peace, joy and comfort to patients, families and team members.  Watch how one LifePath Hospice therapy dog brightens everyone’s day at the Sun City Center Hospice House.

“I enjoy being part of an organization that is committed to serve and to improve the quality of life of its clients and their loved ones. I Love the work; the people I’ve met; the concern for clients, caregivers, staff and volunteers; the respect, encouragement, and support that starts at the top; the opportunity to be creative and contribute in a number of programs; and feeling that I am able to help individuals dealing with dementia and loss.” M

A Special Kind of Caring

Hospice of Okeechobee

Chapters Health welcomed a new hospice member – Hospice of Okeechobee – to its family in August 2019.  This affiliation leads the way to delivering exceptional community-based, end-of-life care to more patients in need.

Thank you all for the love and care you gave my uncle JC during his stay with you. You were all so wonderful to him and myself. This extra-special thank you note sent to you today holds more appreciation than any words can say. For you are among the nicest people I have ever known. And you all will never be forgotten for the thoughtfulness you all have shown.” P

Financial Highlights

Who pays for our services?

Year ended December 31, 2019

Medicare – $141,337,000

Medicaid – $7,662,000

Contributions, other revenues and gains – $7,681,000

Insurance and all other – $10,992,000

Total revenue, gains and other support – $167,672,000

Where does the money go?

Year ended December 31, 2019

Salaries and benefits – $113,620,000

Services purchased from contract providers – $14,954,000
Drugs, medical supplies and equipment – $11,475,000
Insurance, depreciation, interest and other – $32,968,000
Total expenses – $173,017,000

A Wonderful Year

Message from the Executive Director of the Chapters Health Foundation

One way the Chapters Health Foundation supports the mission of Chapters Health is through revenues generated from the five Life’s Treasures Thrift Stores. In 2019, we were thrilled to see the reopening of the Zephyrhills store and the newly expanded Brandon store.

2019 Foundation Revenue

Life Treasures Thrift Stores – $2,447,858 (95.1%)

Special Events & Other Gifts – $126,783.87 (4.9%)

Adam Stanfield

Through philanthropic support, Chapters Health Foundation is able to support unfunded care and finance important programs that fall outside traditional reimbursed services. From helping patients make their wishes come true to providing resources for others with special needs, the Chapters Health Foundation would like to thank our donors, sponsors and team members who support our mission.