Tap into Chapters Health System Expertise

With knowledge comes confidence and peace of mind. Chapters Health System expertise provides a spectrum of services related to advancing age and advancing illness. With our experts comes a wealth of information — and a strong desire to share it.

We invite you to draw on our expertise — from printed material such as articles and research, to a Speakers Bureau of trained professional staff and volunteers eager to share their knowledge.

With education, you have the knowledge to make more informed decisions and gain a greater understanding of topics that may affect you and your loved ones, today and in the future.

As a starting point, we’ve created two quizzes that can help test your knowledge and give you a baseline as to what you know or do not know. Discover your Hospice IQ by clicking on the left-hand image below or find out whether or not, hospice care might be right for you or a loved one by clicking on the right-hand image below.

Additional Services

The following are additional service offerings provided by Chapters Health:

  • Open Access allows patients to continue their palliative treatments. This service has expanded to include dialysis to serve the needs of patients with end-stage renal disease
  • At Home with Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) recognizes the unique needs of patients with CHF and helps them decrease unwanted hospitalizations
  • At Home with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) assists COPD patients better manage the symptoms of their chronic disease
  • Partners in Care program is specifically for children and adolescents up to age 21 in Hardee, Highlands, Hillsborough and Polk counties. Patients receive curative care for their potentially life-threatening medical conditions from staff members who are specially trained in pediatric palliative care.
  • Pediatric Programs serve three distinct populations of children: those with chronic or complex conditions who require palliative care, those with serious conditions who are not yet eligible for hospice and those needing end-of-life care.
  • Our Veterans Program provides hospice staff and volunteers with the education and training necessary to serve veterans through the challenges they may face.
  • Advance Care Planning discussions can include advance directives, living wills, designation of health care surrogate, etc.
  • Comfort Touch demonstrates the power of the human touch.
  • Pet Therapy can comfort patients and families alike.
  • Jewish Hospice accreditation shows the dedication to serve the needs of Jewish hospice patients in all service areas.
  • Home for the Holidays helps patients with life-limiting illnesses fulfill this wish—no matter where they call home.

For additional information, please call our helpful Chapters Health System team at 1.866.204.8611 or send an email to


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