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“Silence is tolerance. We are not tolerant of racism, bigotry, hatred or injustice. Therefore, we cannot and will not be silent.”

– Andrew Molosky, President and CEO, Chapters Health System.

Our Values: Equality

It is with tremendously mixed emotions that I address each member of the Chapters Health System family today. Whether you are reading this as a team member, volunteer, patient, family member, donor or community partner – it was very important you hear from us at Chapters Health. By now everyone is aware of the very concerning, and frankly disheartening events unfolding around us in our various communities as it pertains to racial inequity and social injustice. The grief and sadness of these events are both very real and very tragic. In times such as these it is important to make sure all those who wish to know, wish to hear, and more importantly wish to experience what we as a company stand for get to do so.

Chapters Health has one very clear and unwavering commitment. That commitment is to provide unparalleled care for our team members so they in turn can do the same for our patients, families and communities. That commitment remains as strong today as it ever has. We are without hesitancy or equivocation committed to providing an employment and care environment welcoming equality for any race, gender, religion, ideology, sexual orientation, national origin, ability or any other identity.

We have attempted to create an environment of inclusion, one that continually seeks out and acts upon feedback from all of our team and community members. We take that feedback seriously and strive to implement change in a manner that continuously improves our standing as an employee-led organization and a Great Place to Work. While we celebrate and welcome being an open, communicative and an inclusive company, we are not tone-deaf to the reality that some in society do not share those same ideals. Similarly we would not be so presumptuous as to assume we ourselves cannot improve. Through our constant efforts to hear the voices we depend on we will continue to open our hearts, minds, and most importantly our ears to what needs to occur here to keep us the strong organization we’ve become.

As a company, Chapters Health has not traditionally taken on causes we viewed as being outside our scope of influence or that didn’t directly tie to our mission, however, this time and under these circumstances it is different. We recognize that these issues are about the fundamental rights of all human beings. And when your sole mission is to take the best care of your patients or those who do, it simply wouldn’t be right or appropriate to not step up. Silence is tolerance. We are not tolerant of racism, bigotry, hatred or injustice. Therefore we cannot and will not be silent.

In the very same way, we built this wonderful organization together, we must stand together. We will stand as one company, understanding diversity is our strength, made better by our differences, and constantly deliver a safe, welcoming, rewarding environment from which to serve our mission.

To everyone in our community impacted by these events, we hear you, we see you and we’re committed to making progress. As an organization committed to making a difference we want to hear from you. If you have thoughts and personal perspectives on how Chapters Health can ensure that all persons feel safe and welcome in our company and community, we welcome them. You can reach me directly at: [email protected].

In closing, I want to genuinely and sincerely thank each and every one of you for all you do for this organization, our patients and families, and the communities we serve.

Be kind, be safe, and be well.


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