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Tim Wronka, Spectrum Bay News 9, March 25, 2020: TAMPA, Fla – As doctors and hospitals scramble for medical supplies, there’s one group that is also feeling the pinch: hospice care. Hospice worker Janet Hendricks is trying to do her part help out. The LifePath Hospice Temple Terrace employee is helping to make masks that are badly needed right now. “It’s critical that our nurses and aides are protected. This is the best way to help out while there’s a shortage,” Hendricks said.

Masks are just some of the supplies running short at her hospice facility and at other locations around the Bay Area. Some employees mentioned they are the “forgotten first responders” during this pandemic.
Andrew Molosky, CEO and President of Chapters Health, is getting the word out about the supplies they need. “We’re rapidly growing short on and reaching dire levels of hand sanitizer, gloves, masks, gowns, things of that nature,” Molosky said.
Chapters Health System has about 4,000 patients a day in the Bay Area through LifePath Hospice in Hillsborough; Good Shepard Hospice in Polk, Hardee, Highlands; and HPH in Pinellas, Pasco, Hernando, and Citrus.
“We’re living shipment to shipment. We don’t want to be compromised inpatient care or employee protection,” Molosky said.
If you’re able to help with any donations, Chapters is willing to help coordinate drop-offs or pickups. If you can help, email or call 813-871-8444.​

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