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Sustainer Society

Through their annual gifts, Sustainer Society members demonstrate their commitment to the mission fulfillment of Chapters Health System and its affiliates—Good Shepherd Hospice, HPH Hospice and LifePath Hospice. Our Sustainer Society members year in and year out help fill the financial gap that exists for unfunded and underfunded programs.

Why Become a Member of the Sustainer Society?

The following are some of the reasons why you should become a member of the Sustainer Society:


  • Make a profound difference in the lives of Chapters Health patients and families by continuing programs that receive no financial reimbursement through Medicare and other payer sources.
  • Join with other community members in demonstrating a commitment to the mission of Chapters Health of providing support and care for people in our seven-county community with or affected by advanced illness by offering a wide variety of compassionate healthcare choices.
  • Sustain a “living endowment” fulfilling Chapters  Health commitment to the most vulnerable and honor founders’ vision: no one be turned away from hospice care duty to an inability to pay.

Charitable support is and will always be vital to assure that our community continues to have access to the very best care available.

Choose a Sustainer Society Level Right for You

Sustainer Society Benefactor members pledge support of a minimum of $1,000 per year for a period of five years. Sustainer Society Advocate members pledge support of a minimum of $5,000 per year for a period of five years. A pledge support of $10,000 or more per year for a period of five years is a Sustainer member.

Founding Members for Good Shepherd Hospice



Marty Dickey

Judy & Jim Joiner

Kerry Jones

Cindy & Pete Sternlicht

The Wegman Family


Sustainer Society Members for LifePath Hospice


*Henthorne Family Foundation

*Bob & Cathy Smith


*Ron & Linda Cox

*David Finkel

Mitchell and Rushing Foundation

*Dennis Olden

*Elizabeth Plott

*Greg Stinson


*Ann Allen


*Don & Kathy Barnes

*Kathleen J. Belmonte

Adam & Mindee Besnard

*Steven Brantley

The Bruno Family

*Mike & Anne Carney

Frank & Mitzi Cooper

Tom & Diana Cornett

*Terry Crews

Debbie Dicus

*Elizabeth Ellis

*Gary A. Fineout

Jane & Jerry Ford

Dan & Renee Furlong

In loving memory of Ed Gallagly

Roberto & Laura Garcia

*Bette Gibson

Patricia Ginley & Jerry Schrader

Ed Gunning & Mary Pond

The Guzzle Family

*Helen Cranmer Halm

The Rev. Edward & Sherre Henley

*Gary & Olive Johnson

*Helen T. Kerr

Susan King

Marty Lanahan

Rick Lawrence

Rick Lentz

Bryan Alan Manly

Paul & Darlene Marois

Mike & Gayle Martin

*Jack Mayer

*Tony & Kathy McGlone

Trish Melech

*Military Family Support Trust

*Mr. & Mrs. Charles Mulfinger

*Robert & Jennifer Murphy

Jamie Myers

Stewart & Jennifer Nelson

John & Lorrie Nertney

*Jack & Tara Olmstead

*Philip J. Pace & Family

*Elizabeth B. Pettersson

Mary Beth Reardon

*Mike & Ann Reddington

Pam Saucier

Adam & Christine Schwartz

*Patty J. Sharrock

*Ed & Rita Shaw

Adam & Stephanie Stanfield

*Bill & Donna Taylor

Victoria Tullman

Carol Tedder-Wolfe & Wayne Wolfe

*Nancy Viohl

*Jerry L. Warner

*Steve Waters

*Val Weeks

Mike & Beth Weems

*David & Loriann Wheeler

John McRae Wolfe II

*Jim Wurdeman

*Jeff & Kristin Youngblood

*Founding Members

(member list updated: 5-06-19)

For information on how to become a member of the Sustainer Society, please contact Liz Anderson, Associate Vice President of Development at Chapters Health System at 813.871.8111.or


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