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Board of Directors

The Board of Directors for Chapters Health System and its affiliates are committed groups of carefully chosen community and professional leaders who have been entrusted with the major public responsibility and authority to preserve the mission and vision of the non-profit organization. These unique individuals ensure that comprehensive hospice, home health and palliative care services are being delivered in a quality manner consistent with the needs of the communities in which Chapters Health System serves.

Chapters Health System Board of Directors

Andrew K. Molosky, President/CEO,  Chapters Health System, Inc.

William F. Becker Jr, Chair

Gene Fogarty, Immediate Past Chair

Randy Woodruff, Vice Chair

Mickey Smith, Treasurer

Lilly Ho-Pehling, Secretary

Janet Davis

R. Fenn Giles Jr.

Brian Hinton

James T. Joiner

Rick Lentz

Mary Beth Reardon

Clifford R. Rhoades

Phillip Walker

Phil Wegman

Good Shepherd Hospice Board of Directors

Andrew K. Molosky, Chair 

Anne B. Furr, Vice Chair

Deric C. Feacher, Secretary

Thomas Conger

Deric C. Feacher

Michele Heston

Reverend Willie Mae Hogan

James T. Joiner

Dave O’Neil

Clifford R. Rhoades

Dr. Ronald Schonwetter

HPH Hospice Board of Directors

Andrew K. Molosky, Chair

Dr. Bradley Ruben, Vice Chair

Michael T. McHugh, Secretary

Dean Forman

Sean E. Hengesbach

Amanda Martin

Dave O’Neil

Dr. Bhadresh K. Patel

Dr. Ronald Schonwetter

Mickey Smith

Randy Woodruff

LifePath Hospice Board of Directors

Andrew K. Molosky,  Chair 

Mary Beth Reardon, Vice Chair

Valerie Goddard, Secretary

Janet Davis

Jerry E. Fogarty III

Ronetta Lambert

Rick Lentz

Gayle Sierens Martin

Dr. Susan McMillan

Dave O’Neil

Dr. Ronald Schonwetter

Monica Smiley

Chapters Health Home Connect Board of Directors

Andrew K. Molosky, Chair 

William E. Haley, Vice Chair

Dr. Susan McMillan, Secretary

Dean Forman

Lilly Ho-Pehling

Chapters Health Foundation Board of Directors

Andrew K. Molosky, Chair 

Tom Barb, Vice Chair

Trish Melech, Secretary

Liz Antaya, Treasurer

Kelly Brown

Mary Cassell

George Germann

Tim Guidry

Jason Penrod

Peggy Rodebush

Cathy Smith

Donna Taylor

Randy Woodruff

For additional information, please call our helpful Chapters Health System team at 1.866.204.8611 or send an email to


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