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Chapters Health System Videos

We have all heard the saying that “a picture is worth a thousand words,” which is often attributed to Confucius (although modern-day usage can be tracked back to the early 1920s). So if a picture can tell a story quickly, imagine the possibilities of watching a video? We realize the potential of telling stories in this manner so we’d like to welcome you to Chapters Health System Videos.

One More Dance

In 2014, the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization featured one of our Good Shepherd Hospice patients as a Moment of Life story. “One More Dance” tells the inspirational tale of hospice patient Dennis Heston’s last wish, which was to experience the father-daughter dance. It was for a wedding he wouldn’t be able to attend. With the help of Good Shepherd Hospice, this video was played during the daughter’s wedding after Dennis had passed.

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Below learn how our annual camps—Good Shepherd Hospice, HPH Hospice and LifePath Hospice—impact those children who need to be around others who have also lost someone close to them—discovering they are not alone in their grief. Or take a tour of one of our hospice houses and find out how patients have an option to get their pain and symptoms under control without a hospitalization. Or virtually attend a Spring Soirée featuring a panel of local community members sharing stories, insight and laughter. And much, much more.

Gayle Sierens Testimonial

Gayle Sierens, former anchor at News Channel 8, reflects on how her LifePath Hospice experiences with her mother and step-father were different and yet the same. Gayle sums up hospice in one word: compassionate.

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Betty P. Testimonial

Volunteer Betty P. spends the majority of her time at the LifePath Hospice Houses making sure that patients and their families are as comfortable as possible. She becomes very close with them as patients and families share so much of themselves.

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Curtis L. Testimonial

Curtis Lane with the New York Yankees Tampa Foundation shared his thoughts about why LifePath Hospice is such an integral member of the community.

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Dr. John Dormois Testimonial

Hospice physician John C. Dormois, MD explains how hospice can make the transition from life to death as smooth as possible for patients and families. Additionally, hospice is a system of care that addresses physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual needs. Find out what is rewarding about hospice from a physician’s perspective.

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Linda W. Testimonial

Linda W. lost her 29-year-old son after he was involved in a hit-and-run car crash whereby he never regained consciousness from his brain injury. After the realization he was not going to recover, Linda’s son was transferred to Melech Hospice House.

Watch how LifePath Hospice gave Linda the support she needed so she could focus on the time she had left with her son.

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Stefany P. Testimonial

Stefany P. lost her mother to cancer when she was in high school. It was devastating, as other than her mom, Stefany did not have any other family in Tampa. Watch how LifePath Hospice gave Stefany the support she needed.

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Patty S. Testimonial

After 27 years of marriage, Patty S. was faced with the knowledge that she would lose Tim, the love of her life, to lung cancer. From Patty’s perspective, discover how Melech Hospice House  made the end-of-life experience gentle and peaceful for Tim.

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Good Shepherd Hospice House in Lakeland

When patients need more help managing their symptoms, including their pain, they may benefit from a stay at a Good Shepherd Hospice House   Watch to learn more about the comfort and quality care our hospice houses provide to residents of Polk, Highlands and Hardee counties.

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LifePath Hospice House

When patients need more help managing their symptoms, including their pain, they may benefit from a stay at a LifePath Hospice HouseWatch to learn more about the comfort and quality care our hospice houses provide to residents in Hillsborough County.

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Camp Brave Heart

Camp Brave Heart is an annual bereavement camp for children ages 6 to 17 who have lost a loved one that Good Shepherd Hospice hosts. Children come to camp for one weekend to share their feelings of loss with others. Combining healing with fun, the experience lets children know that life still has a lot to offer.

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Camp Circle of Love

Camp Circle of Love is an annual bereavement camp for children ages 6 to 17 who have lost a loved one that LifePath Hospice hosts. Children come to camp for one weekend and participate in many healing activities and learn to cope in a way they will utilize as they grow into young adults.

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Camp Reach Out

For more than 20 years, campers have attended HPH Hospice’s weekend bereavement camp (renamed in 2017 Camp Reach Out) where for close to 48 hours they were able to reconnect and enjoy life again. Any child can attend the camp, even if the loved one was not a patient under HPH Hospice care.

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Chapters Health Employee Campaign

Hospice employees are everyday superheroes. They go above and beyond to bring exceptional care and compassion to patients and their families at a time when they are needed most. Employees give to the hospices of Chapters Health because they know every dollar matters, and they want to help support the hospice mission. We thank your for the wonderful care you provide and for giving on so many levels!

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