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Most of Life

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Welcome to Most of Life, the Chapters Health System blog. Pour yourself a cold or hot beverage of choice, pull-up a chair and settle in to learn and become better educated on our blog. From hospice to palliative care to home health and more, read the topics that interest you. Whether you are a patient, loved one, friend or caregiver, there’s something here for everyone.

Please visit Most of Life often for updates and news regarding the ever-changing landscape of advanced illness issues and end-of-life care.

Raising Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness (DRops of Wisdom)

In “DRops of Wisdom,” our physician blog, Dr. Ron Schonwetter, chief medical officer for Chapters Health System, describes the importance of raising Alzheimer’s disease and dementia awareness during the month of June.

Home Runs for Hospice Hits It Out of the Park

Home Runs for Hospice is a breakfast event organized by Chapters Health System to educate the community about how LifePath Hospice provides care and support for patients and families who are in need of compassion.

How Hospice Helps Stroke Patients (DRops of Wisdom)

On DRops of Wisdom, Dr. Stewart Stein, associate vice president of medical services for Chapters Health System, describes the importance of raising stroke awareness during the month of May, National Stroke Awareness Month.

Raising Skin Cancer Awareness: Know What to Look For

Living in Florida, residents can expect approximately 250 days a year to be filled with the sun’s strong rays. Despite the obvious, however, many Floridians do not understand the perils of the sun. Every year, the month of May is set aside to raise skin cancer awareness.

Kent Haruf’s ‘Benediction’ Review: An Utterance of a Blessing

With a minimum number of pen strokes, Kent Haruf quickly paints a deft picture of Holt, Colorado, which sets the tone, time and place of his novel “Benediction” within its first pages. Although a fictional portrayal of a man’s end-of-life experience, it is very true and spot on.

Celebrating Hospice Volunteers

In honor of National Volunteer Week, we are celebrating hospice volunteers with spotlights on a few who make a difference in the lives of patients and families.

Social Workers in Hospice Explained

During the third month of the year, social workers are recognized across the country and the important contributions they make to society are highlighted.


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