Hospice Women of Philanthropy Current Members

Made a Commitment to Hospice

The Hospice Women of Philanthropy is a group of local women who participate in building and strengthening hospice-related programs through joint contributions. The group also provides women with opportunities for education in an effort to foster and develop women’s capacities for philanthropic leadership.

The following women made the commitment to LifePath Hospice and are the current Hospice Women of Philanthropy members:


Ann Allen

Barbara Alling

*Nancy Baily-Williamson

Kathy Barnes

Marnie Bauer

Sandy Bauer

Kathy Belmonte

Marjorie Boling

*Connie Boos

Carolyn Brown

Kathy Salter Cardozo

*Anne Carney

Patricia Martini Clark

Cindy Coolidge

Lameh Cortes

Lauren Coup

*Linda Cox

Terry Crews

Kay Cunningham

Mary Beth Curry

*Terry Curry

Barbara Curts

Janet Davis

*Jo Deck

Debbie Dicus

Lucy Dowie


*Kathy Fernandez

Lauren Fernandez

Lisa Fogarty

Jane Ford

Theresa Gallion

Judith Galloway

Ann Giles

*Judy Govin

Irene Gray

Kristin Greco

Kim Griffin

Casey Griffiths

DeDe Grundel

Sherre Henley

Kelly Hodges

Anita Humphrey

*Angela Johnpulle

Karen Johnston

*Sharon Jones

*Donna Jordan

Susan King

Elizabeth Krystyn

Marty Lanahan

Rosemary Leathers

*Geri Leever

Lea Levines

*Patricia Hall Linton

*Muffy Longacre

Sherry Lynch

Karen Matchus

*Kathy McGlone

*Trish Melech

Joan Mellen

Dominique Mellow

Melissa Messer

Ellen Miller

Kim Miller

Robin Moch

Linda Mortellaro

Pat Moxley

Jennifer Murphy

Kippy Nelson

Nancy Newkirk

Holly O’Brien

*Donna Orf

*Kelly Panter

Stefany Peralta

Dana Permuy

Betty Plott

*Suzanne Pratt

Jacqueline Preis

*Jeanne Ramseur

Neva Reed

Julia Rettig

*Karen Riddle

Roxanne Riley

Sarah Rivas

*Christie Roberts

Peggy Rodebush

Kay Romaine

Linda Rounsaville

Madeline Rousseau

Lisa Ryland

Marcia Saffold

Pam Saucier

Patty Sharrock

Susan Sheppard

Laura Sherman

*Maureen Sicilio

*Cathy Smith

Bet Snyder

Mindy Snyder

Claudia Strathman

Alexandra Taylor

*Donna Taylor

*Jackie Trombley

Vicki Vail

Jill Valenti

Cindy Vann

Megan Vinson

Julie Ward

Elizabeth Weems

*Lara White

* Linda Winchester

Jean Wurdeman (posthumously)

Dixie Zacherl

*Founding Member

Last updated on 1/10/18.

We invite you to join us and become part of this exceptional group of women who are working together for the betterment of hospice care.  Please consider joining us by completing the  Membership Application here and note which level of membership listed best fits your needs. You can find out more information about the Hospice Women of Philanthropy here.

If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact the Development office at 813.871.8111 or 1.866.204.8611, or email development@chaptershealth.org.


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