Hospice Women of Philanthropy Projects

Hospice Women of Philanthropy bring together extraordinary women in the truest spirit of service and giving.  As a network of women, we use our energy, talent, and passion to build a strong collective voice in key areas where we can make a meaningful impact on the support and care afforded by hospice.
The beauty of being part of Hospice Women of Philanthropy is that members’ annual philanthropic contributions are combined, and the entire membership evaluates and ultimately decides which hospice projects will be funded.  The following are some past Hospice Women of Philanthropy projects funded by members:

Recent Projects

Hospice Women of Philanthropy projectsBlanket Warmers — $6,424 

Warm blankets provide patients at the Melech Hospice House and Sun City Center Hospice House a sense of psychological and physical comfort, calm and protection. The units that were purchased ensure that warm blankets are available 24/7. Patients report it brings them a sense of relief and relaxation. The warm blankets are also available to family members who often stay overnight holding the hand of their loved ones.

Camp Circle of Love Send-off 2017 — $7,500

Camp Circle of Love is a weekend camp experience that helps children and teens grieving the loss of someone they love find healing and hope. Before campers boarded their buses, Camp Send-off offered a warm and welcoming hands-on experience with arts and crafts, face painting, pet therapy, massage therapy and other fun activities.Parents and guardians were invited to a Caregiver Campfire Chat and offered support to deal with their own grief journey as well as be better prepared when their children returned from camp on Sunday. Each caregiver received a self-care kit to help relieve stress over the weekend including a book on raising a grieving child, a Publix gift card, candy and a relaxing eye mask.

iPads for Spiritual Comfort — $12,500Hospice Women of Philanthropy projects

Dying is a personal experience, but end of life is a family experience. LifePath Hospice chaplains use the iPads to enhance  spiritual needs by being able to share just the right spiritual verse, inspirational songs and relaxing music or scenes. Also iPads give family members living outside the area the opportunity to use face-to-face technology to share memories and say their last good-byes.

Simulators for Simulation Lab — $28,500

Three full-body simulators were added to the Skills  Lab of the Learning Center (partially funded by the Hospice Women of Philanthropy in 2014). These simulators introduce an element of human response into the extensive training and compel the staff to make clinical decisions based on realistic scenarios. Through instructor-written and guided hospice/home health scenarios, the simulators respond positively or negatively to the care provided by the staff during the simulation exercises. The simulators are used during orientation, mandatory annual skills exercises and to practice high-risk skills.

Moments Matter, Personal Testimonial Videos — $4,900

“There is nothing more we can do” are seven words that bring every family shock, fear and tears.  Videos were produced to share each person’s story about their hospice experience to help viewers understand what the end-of-life journey can look and feel like with the help of LifePath Hospice. The personal testimonial videos are shared with physicians and the community at large to help patients and families who are considering LifePath Hospice.

Other Projects Funded:

iPads for Children’s Programs — $2,700 (2015)

Children living with life-threatening conditions need ways to express and process their emotions and ensure that their voices are heard. The iPads provide age-appropriate explanations about serious diseases and death. In addition, self-expression activities for patients and siblings allow them to speak freely about their feelings. The children are also able to use the iPads to make objects for legacy activities that provide lasting memories and comfort for the entire family for years to come.

Hospice House Video — $16,300 (2015)

Hospice is about caring and supporting patients and families through the last chapter of life.  The new hospice house video will showcase the purpose of the houses, the comfort and compassion offered to patients and their families and set expectations on admission criteria. This media tool will have far reaching power when the video is shared on the website, Facebook, YouTube and other social media outlets.

Hospice Women of Philanthropy Projects

Learning Center /Simulation Lab — $57,790 (2014)

The mission of the organization is accomplished through its people by way of extraordinary quality and results.  We will take training and development to new heights by centralizing all activates via a single Learning Lab. The Hospice Women of Philanthropy Simulation Lab will teach with real-world experiences by replicating ‘the bedside’ in a fully interactive fashion.

Hospice Women of Philanthropy ProjectsReverie Harp — $2,031 (2014)

Music therapy has proven benefits to ease stress and bring comfort and calm to the mind, body and soul. The Reverie Harp is a therapeutic lap instrument that’s comfortable to hold, easy to play and its pentatonic scale ensures a pleasant sound. Music therapy is particularly useful at the end-of-life, when communications may break down and a sense of isolation sets in. Four harps were purchased and two were donated to each hospice house.

Cuddle Cot — $2,500 (2014)Hospice Women of Philanthropy Projects

Dementia Activity Aprons — $2,000 (2013)

We Honor Veterans/One Who Served Book — $8,500 (2013)

Camp Circle of Love DVD — $ 9,389 (2012)

Children and teens who have lost a love one need a place of healing and hope.  Camp Circle of Love is an annual weekend camp for grieving hearts. The Camp DVD has been shown hundreds of times at schools, civic clubs and community presentations demonstrating how Camp is place of refuge for hurting hearts.

We invite you to join us and become part of this exceptional group of women who are working together for the betterment of hospice care.  Please consider joining us by completing the  Membership Application here and note which level of membership listed best fits your needs. You can find out more information about the Hospice Women of Philanthropy hereTo see a list of current members, click here.

If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact the Development office at 813.871.8111 or 1.866.204.8611, or email development@chaptershealth.org.

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