How to Make a Patient Happy: Fishing Trip Fulfills a Patient’s Wish

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C.S. Lewis said, “You are never too old to set a new goal or dream a new dream.” As retirement becomes close to a reality, many people look forward to doing the things they never had the opportunity or time to do when they were constrained by work and family obligations. Some set the goal to spend more time with grandchildren or even take up a new hobby. And others dream about traveling. As the day fast approached, Robert Hughes dreamed and looked forward to fishing. If the mood struck, Robert could even go on a daily fishing trip if he wished.

Unfortunately, before he had a chance to enjoy his retirement, Robert was diagnosed with lung cancer. Following an emergency tracheostomy, he was admitted to the Somers Hospice House in Sebring, Florida.

“He retired, got sick and hasn’t yet gone fishing. All he wants is to go fishing,” Robert’s daughter, Brianna, cried to night-shift nurse Cyndi Grothe.

With that utterance, the wheels were set in motion to make Robert’s retirement wish come true.

Making the Fishing Trip Happen

Employees at Good Shepherd Hospice were honored to have the opportunity to make the most of life and fulfill a patient’s wish to go fishing.

The Somers Hospice House team came together and quickly jumped into action. Cyndi contacted Good Shepherd Hospice Regional Director Jennifer Forde late that night and relayed her conversation with Brianna. The next morning, Jennifer reached out to Dr. Cheri McCue, who lives on Lake Jackson and was able to pull together the resources for a fishing trip that day! One pontoon boat could accommodate Robert and his family (including yellow lab, Jake), a wheeled walker and oxygen tank, as well as a few Good Shepherd Hospice staff members and their hosts.

The pontoon boat set out with two other boats late in the day, and the fishing challenge was on.

fishing tripRobert and his crew won the competition with five fish, of which Robert caught three. Once back at the hospice house and settled into bed, Robert received a trophy for the most fish caught for the day and a framed photo of him with his daughter and son-in-law from the excursion. Robert and his family were so thankful for the fishing trip opportunity along with the care he received since his admission to hospice.

Thank you to all the Good Shepherd Hospice staff and friends who helped to make this special trip possible for Robert and his family, and allowing Lewis’ words to ring true. Your countless efforts and willingness to go above and beyond for patients and their loved ones demonstrate the true spirit of the hospice mission.

At Chapters Health System, every day is devoted to educating our patients and keeping them in the place they call home. We are dedicated to ensuring that patients, young and old alike, and their families are able to make educated decisions about important healthcare matters. For more information, please call our helpful Chapters Health team at 1.866.204.8611 or send an email to

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4 Tips on Lake Bass Fishing in Florida

When people think of Florida, they tend to picture white sandy beaches and deep-sea fishing on the Gulf of Mexico or in the Atlantic Ocean. These delightful imaginings go hand in hand for many who plan their vacations to the Sunshine State. But did you know that some of the best places to go fishing, particularly bass fishing, are in the more than 30,000 lakes in Florida?

If you live in the state or are planning a trip to Florida and like to fish, here are four tips that can make your journey successful and enjoyable:

  1. Go shallow to deep. Bass are not preferential when it comes to where they like to hang out. You can find them in plain sight in the shallow waters of lakes or near boat docks. However, heading out to deeper waters can bring better results. A school of bass typically prefers deep water, and you’ll have more bites in less time versus shallow-water spots.
  2. Fish early. It is smart to rise and shine early in the morning to catch the best bass. Even though bass can easily survive in warm water, they prefer to feed in the morning when the water tends to be cooler.
  3. Bait counts. If you want to catch the biggest bass of the day, try using live, wild shiners (type of small silver fish) as your bait. Live shiners (and crayfish too) attract minnows that encourage the larger bass to take the bait.
  4. Check shoreline vegetation. Many of the lakes in Florida possess vegetation at the shoreline. Bass like to feed on the vegetation, and at the same time, the lushness provides excellent cover from predators. The best way to lure bass hanging out in shallow water vegetation is to drop your line into a spot where there’s an opening in the undergrowth. In addition, check out where two types of vegetation meet or where the lake’s bottom changes.

Good Shepherd Hospice fishing trip

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